Social Responsibility

We support organizations involved in environmental or social projects through sponsorship or donations. By focusing on projects with long-term aims and benefits, we seek to promote social and ecological sustainability and prosperity.

At NT-ware we also believe sustainability should begin locally and should be promoted through our daily working procedures so we support local school projects, sports clubs and other not for profit organizations. Below we describe our most recent activities.

Kinder in Not (Children in Distress)
In an effort to provide children with a good start in life and an opportunity to have a proper education the association ‘Kinder in Not’ offers financial support to families on a low income, purchasing materials such as workbooks, writing equipment, sportswear and pocket calculators.
They provide learning aids and materials and tutoring. ‘Kinder in Not’ also promotes public education and training by means of exhibitions and lectures.

Kinderzukunft (Children's Future)
The ‘Kinderzukunft‘ Foundation has been providing sustained help for children in need since 1988. The Foundation oversees numerous global projects and they have their own children’s villages in Guatemala, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The villages provide the children with a secure home, vital basic healthcare and a well-founded school and vocational training so that they can look forward to a life without poverty.

Friedensdorf International (Peace Village International)
Friedensdorf International provides help for injured and ill children from war-torn places and areas of conflict. The children are brought to Europe for medical care and treatment then, following rehabilitation, are returned to their home and families. Local Peace Villages, health stations, hospitals and rehabilitation centers ensure that children can also receive medical care within their home country so they can remain near to their families.

picture © Jakob Studnar

Help Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe e.V. (Helping people help themselves)
Help is committed to people in need, often caused by natural disasters and political conflicts. Following the principle of ‘helping people help themselves’ they provide immediate aid and support to enable people to reconstruct their living environment sustainably.

picture © Help/Ćalasan

OsnaBRÜCKE builds bridges between those who are able to provide help and those who need assistance  in the region of Osnabrück. Support is focused on children and youth projects by initiating and funding joint events and activities to open new perspectives for the participants.

picture © OsnaBRÜCKE e.V.

Supported Projects in the Past: